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Bunderground Railroad Transport

Published July 9, 2012 by minilophop

I know, I’m a sucker for a hard luck story. I just can’t help myself when an animal is in desperate need because humans are idiots and irresponsible. There were 11 rabbits in Florida that had a death date of today. I found out on Friday that the clock was ticking very quickly because the shelter didn’t have any room. I really didn’t want any more animals, but the tiny little faces!

It was so hard to narrow the choices, but we are taking in two:

The Dutch is a female about 1 yr old very sweet easy to pick up and loves to run around owner turned in moving. The Large black and white (black around eyes) super easy-going male is a big cuddle bug also turned in by owner due to moving he is 4 yrs old.

I named the female Bunnicula and the male Panda.

My wonderful friend Anne has agreed to take this pair:

Our bonded pair, Mojo(all brown) and Puma (white and brown) they are brothers 1yr 8mos turned in due to the owner having cancer.

Ok, cancer is a pretty good excuse to have to give up an animal. A rescue would have been preferable, but the person clearly has their hands full and was trying to do the right thing. Moving? That is a stupid reason! Would you consider leaving a child behind when you move? How about your TV? I hate ignorant people!

So, these poor rabbits are in Florida and I’m in Pennsylvania. It’s a wee bit of a problem. Luckily there are some wonderfully dedicated animal people out there that are willing to run the bundergound railroad transport. One person will go from Florida to Georgia, then another from Georgia to North Carolina. Then someone who is on business in North Carolina lives in Delaware, so I can get them there. They are also going to take one of the buns and one was rescued from another source.

This is the cutie the family in Delaware will be adopting, Pogo.

Out of the 11, 4 are going to die today without a miracle.

This little brown rabbit was dumped in the night box covered in bites. He’s now happy and healthy, but out of time. His name is Brownie.

These are the three amigos, brothers. Mini rex/Lionhead mixes. They are small bunnies with big hearts, but they are going to die because their owner was an irresponsible breeder. They ended up with too many animals and turned these into the shelter.

How can people be so heartless and cruel?  As humans, who domesticated these animals, we bear the responsibility to care for these tiny souls. They didn’t ask to be born. They can’t fend for themselves. How can a person look into their eyes and tell them they have to die because of someone else’s selfishness?

The more bunnies I meet, the less I like people.

UPDATE: Everyone has been saved!!! The three amigos have found a kind person who will take in all three. I will be fostering Brownie for about a month until his new mom is ready.

All of the transport drivers are in place and will be delivering the rabbits to their new homes starting next weekend. They are all getting spayed/neutered this week and preparing for travel. Thank you so very much to everyone involved in saving these wonderful rabbits! The generosity of strangers working together to save everyone has renewed my faith in people.


If a Shelter Bunny Could Talk

Published July 8, 2012 by minilophop

I found this on fosterbunnies.com  You might want a tissue.

If a Shelter Bunny Could Talk

Hello, I am a little bunny that is sitting in a shelter now and I don’t know what I did to end up here. Or maybe I do. I don’t want to give my real name as I am ashamed of my situation. Though it must be my own fault I guess. So call me Joe. Joe the bunny.

Me and my friends that sit here everyday want to share our stories so that other bunny rabbits out there know to be good so they don’t end up here with us. We sit in our little cages now and know our time is coming. You see we suffer from a terrible terminal illness. Its as deadly as cancer and sometimes even faster moving. Our terminal illness is called Unloved and Unwanted. I know I’m dying and I know its soon. There is only a very very small chance that someone will ever come to see me and want to take me home and save me from my terrible fate. But I stopped hoping for that a long time ago. Now I just sit quietly and wait… my suffering will end. One way or another.

Oh but if I ever get that chance I will know to be the bestest behaved bunny ever! I really will, I SWEAR I WILL! I know now that its my own fault I was brought here. I know now that I never should have gotten so excited about my food that I would accidentally bite my peoples hands. I know I was wrong. And it doesn’t matter that my people sometimes forgot to feed me for days. I should have behaved better. Maybe if I was a good bunny they would have fed me more often? It was my fault I know. And I really did try my best to ration my water and make it last until it was filled again sometime next week but I was sooo hungry I put whatever was available in my tummy. I was greedy and I’m so sorry for that. And it doesn’t matter if I was confused about where my litter box was because my whole cage was always dirty. I should have held it in and not gone to the bathroom in my cage. Maybe if I had done that they wouldn’t have been so disgusted by me and my house when they came to clean it once a month? I wish I had been better about that too. My own fault. And who was I to be upset about not ever coming out to play? Really I asked to much. I guess to need just a little exercise. After all my owner was only 8 yrs old and not her fault she didn’t want to let me out to play. Really, it was all my fault. I was selfish.

And though I pray someone will some day soon save me from my fate I don’t think anyone is coming for a badly behaved bunny like me. I’ll get what I deserve soon. The clock on the wall beside is always ticking at me. Tomorrow…. then next day…. soon, I know I’m dying.

So I can only hope to try to save other bunnies from my fate. I hope that all the bunnies in the land read my letter and remember “You are the bunny. You must behave right or else.” But alas I know most bunnies simply cant help themselves. We are just bunnies after all. So to the humans that may read my story I ask that if you ever should decide to come to our rescue we will ask for little but I guess more than we deserve…

We ask for just a small area to call our own. Look around you now. There may just be a corner you could squeeze a cage in. We don’t need a whole room or house, just a little room. And I know it may be a lot to ask but we do so love to stretch our legs. So maybe if you could find it in your heart to let us out to play for just a little bit everyday… It doesn’t have to be hours and hours. We’ve been in these little cages so long anything would be heaven. Some of us have never had play time. We ask if it isn’t too much trouble for just a little food everyday. We don’t eat much. And if you felt so inclined to let us try some hay that too would be heaven. I’ve heard talk of this “hay” thing but I’ve never tried it. It sounds delicious. And most of all, though we obviously don’t deserve it, or we wouldn’t be here … it would mean the world to little ones like us to know the feeling of a kind and gentle hand touching us. An affectionate head pat … a soft cheek rub and maybe, just maybe, a kind word or two. Maybe if we try really hard you may just some day say “I love you”… that would be heaven … and I would be good.


Rosalind Glousher
Rabbit Rescue Inc,
Ontario, Canada

Sophie Bee Rabbit

Published June 29, 2012 by minilophop

Sophie Bee

  • Rabbit, New Zealand/Flemish Giant Mix
  • Red
  • Female, Spayed
  • DOB ~ 2009 Gotcha 05-March-2012
  • Likes- FOOD! running all over the living room
  • Dislikes- hugs and cats

After Cinderella passed Houdini went into a deep depression. He would lay in the door to their burrow with his chin on the floor. He wouldn’t eat, drink, or groom himself. I was worried we would lose him in days if we didn’t do something. I looked at petfinder and we found a couple big beautiful ladies looking for a man.

Pepper and Sophie were abandoned when they grew too large and the children grew bored. Who would get a New Zealand/Flemish GIANT if they wanted a small rabbit? Houdini met Pepper first. There was no love there, Houdini nipped at her. Then we tried her sister, Sophie. Everything changed instantly! He started to groom himself and slid right up to her. They bonded right away.


Sophie is a very opinionated girl, I love her sassyness! If the cats get too close she grunts and charges at them. If I pick her up for hugs she grunts at me too, I just kiss her nose which makes her madder. She will settle on my lap for 30 minutes or so before demanding to romp. I’m very happy that she no longer finches when I pet her ears. I think she had some bad experiences with people so it took a while for her to trust. She got her middle name because she loves to buzz around the living room like a bee, sniffing this and chinning that.

She gave me a little scare. It took two weeks to get her in for her spay. Two days before she started nesting! Turns out it was a false pregnancy since Houdini is neutered. Thank goodness!


Indiana Bunns Rabbit (RIP)

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Indiana Bunns

  • Rabbit, mini lop
  • Black and white
  • DOB ~2006 Gotcha August 2011 Passed October 2011
  • Likes Food, sleeping in the litter box, sniffing around
  • Dislikes Mean people and getting medicine

Indiana Bunns was the bravest little rabbit I have ever met. He was horribly neglected until he found his way to Luv-N-Bunns. I fell in love with him on Petfinder as a mate for Becky. They were both special so they would go well together. They were such a sweet pair helping each other enjoy life more. Indy was terribly sick, infection took his hearing and his left eye. He was on antibiotics for months. I started to inquire after him in February, before we got Cinderella. We finally thought in August he was healthy enough to come to his furever home. Indiana Bunns got his name because he had to have a new one since his old family treated him so badly. He was very adventurous, sniffling around any room to check it all out. Plus where his missing eye was the fur was black, so it looked like he was wearing an eye patch, just like Dr Jones in the last movie.

Indy fit in right away and Becky adored him. He had some issues with wanting to lay in his own urine because of years of being confined in a dirty cage left him needing the smell for comfort. Every night I would wipe him off and bathe him once a week to make sure he didn’t get urine scald. After his bath I would put his little jammies on to keep him warm. Rabbit fur stays wet for a very long time and they can get chilled easily, particularly in his weaker condition. Indy, Becky, and I would snuggle under and blanket and watch a movie until he finished drying. Some times he would fall asleep in the crook of my arm. Resting after his first bath he even gave me a kiss. It took a very long time, but he finally learned to trust and started to use the litter box.

Unfortunately one evening I came home and he had not eaten that day. The spot where his eye was looked infected again. We took him to the vet for emergency surgery to try to remove the abscess that had returned. Indy gave me one more kiss shortly before he went under, I stayed with him the whole time. Unfortunately he did not survive the procedure. He is missed very much.

Houdini Muppet Rabbit

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Houdini Muppet

  • Rabbit, English Angora
  • Cream
  • Male, Neutered
  • DOB July 2010 Gotcha 3-May-2011
  • Likes- Getting into trouble and out of his room
  • Dislikes- being brushed

Houdini’s mom came from a hoarding case in Canada. My local rabbit rescue, Luv-N-Bunns took two females that were pregnant. Houdini was born at the rescue so he was very well soclialised and he has quite the adventurous spirit. I brought Becky and Cindy for dates in hopes that a third would calm their battles. Houdini fell in love instantly as did Cindi. Becky was clearly the third wheel, but when two were so happy I figured we could think of something for Becky.

Houdini lives up to his name. He and his bunwife live in my office. They have half a room to roam as they will, but they need supervision to roam the house. Houdini has quite the liking for cords, which we discovered the hard way because neither girl worked that hard to get at them if they were put up. It took several months and MANY iterations of NIC panels to keep him in the room when unsupervised.

Houdini likes to watch tv on the arm of the chair next to a person, but is not a lap bun. I think with all that fluff he over heats very quickly. He doesn’t like to be brushed, but tolerates it well. He is a unique looking rabbit, but so very soft and sweet. I am trying to get his wool spun so I can have an original Houdini scarf.

Cinderella Lu Rabbit (RIP)

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Cinderella Lu

  • Rabbit, Mini Satin
  • Pointed
  • Female, Spayed
  • DOB ~ 2006 Gotcha 14-Feb-2011
  • Likes- snuggles with mom, redecorating with cardboard and following Houdini into trouble
  • Dislikes- noise and diets

Cindi Lu Who is a sweet, shy little girl. After I got Becky I wanted to get her a friend. So, we went to our local chapter of the House Rabbit Society to find a friend. We tried a couple of boys but Becky didn’t seem to care one way or the other. So we tried Cinderella. Cindi wanted a friend in the worst way! She had started out as an Easter bunny, but had been at the shelter for 4 years because the kid got tired of her! Being a more shy bunny she had a hard time finding her furever home. Bonding did not go well between the two girls after we got home because they both wanted to be the boss.

Cinderella is our diet inspiration. She was 7 pounds when she came home! She was slow and unable to keep herself properly clean. Lots of running around and a healthy diet has helped her shed excess weight. She’s now 5.5 pounds. She has a little chub left to go, but she is feeling so much better!

Now Cindi is married to Houdini and they are such a cute couple. He’s so bold and loves to explore. She will hop one step behind him to check things out. As long as he’s ok then she’s ok. She likes to watch romantic comedies with me and gives little kisses. She tends to just freeze if anyone else holds her, but she’s getting a little more comfortable. I saw her binky for the first time last week. I think she finally figured out she is home for good.

Rebecca Lynn Rabbit

Published January 3, 2012 by minilophop

Rebecca Lynn

  • Rabbit, Mini Lop
  • Chinchilla colored
  • Female, Spayed
  • DOB ~ 2006 Gotcha 18-Dec-2010
  • Likes- snuggling, oats, and blankets
  • Dislikes- getting medicine

Last December I was cruising around on petfinder and saw the cutest little bunny face ever. She was at the SPCA that is 5 minutes from work, I had to go just see her. You know how that went. I thought I knew about keeping rabbits because I had some when I was a kid. So much has changed! I quickly was plunged into the hidden world of house rabbits. I was a quick learner and I will never be without a bun in my home.

Becky is so very sweet. She loves to cuddle and be held by people. She had a rough start- not enough space, food, or cleaning. Someone hit her in the head and caused brain damage. The poor little girl has needed medical treatment constantly for the past year. I am grateful to my vet because Becky is finally getting healthy! She was a widow this past year, but has a new husbunny, Ghirardelli. Hopefully any sadness is behind her now.