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The fog has settled

Published January 19, 2012 by minilophop

Have you ever had a day that was super productive and everything was flowing? That was yesterday, I was ON! There was a lot to do so the adrenalin was flowing and my mind was swift. I accomplished so much, worked until midnight to get a project out to Europe on time.

Today I hit the wall and the fibro fog has settled in. I wanted to cry when the alarm clock went off. I managed to get to work with a little detour to WaWa for the best coffee ever. On a morning like this a little hazelnut coffee is a cup of heaven. I shouldn’t be drinking caffeine anymore with surgery coming up, but I’m working on weaning off the magical juice.

I still have much to get done, but my mind is so very slow. It’s hard to put sentences together let alone figure out what to do next on complex projects. I think today will be a day of doing basic tasks that I don’t have to think too hard about. That’s one of the best parts of my job, the variety. I have some very complex tasks that keep me engaged and enjoying my work. I also have some brain-dead zombie action that just has to get done. It’s flexible, within reason, when the tasks are done so I can plan according to my fibro symptoms.

At least I have some good music to listen to. Katy Perry may be a bit silly, but it is up beat and it helps me keep pushing forward. Ok, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it…….” starts to sing and gets back to work…..