My Zoo

My name is Brandy and I am a 30-something married woman in the Philadeliphia suburbs. My husband’s name is Joshua. I adore animals and rescued all my babies:
Victoria Elizabeth- 11 year old tortiseshell cat
Andre Pascal- 4 year old turkish angora cat
Rebecca Lynn- 4 year old mini lop rabbit
Ghirardelli Square- 6 month old mini rex rabbit
Cinderella Lu- 5 year old mini satin rabbit
Houdini Muppet 1 year old english angora rabbit
Barnum & Baily- 4 year old gerbil brothers
Kate and Leopold- 18 year old three-toed box turtles
Frank, Bess, Nancy, Jo, Buffy, Willow, Alvin, & Eleanor-  4 year old zebra finches
(Zander, Tara, Simon, Theodore, Brittaney & Jeanette were re-homed to a girl who really wanted them)
20 gallon fish tank- 1 beta, 6 guppies, 6 neons, a hand full of cherry red shrimp, and live plants


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