2 Pairs Becoming 1 Warren

Published July 13, 2012 by minilophop

Background: I have been trying to bond my two pairs of rabbits since March of this year. I moved Becky and Gary to live in the same room as Sophie and Houdini. The room is split into two halves with a small “no-buns land” in the middle so they can’t fight through the bars. I alternate who gets let out to run with both couples getting run time each evening. At first they would take every opportunity to fight in passing, but if they fought they would forfeit their run time. Soon they learned to hop by the other pen without stopping. Sometimes they still fuss with each other at the bars. Gary managed to pull out one of Sophie’s whiskers last month, but that has been the only injury and she’s fine now. I was starting to lose hope that they could ever tolerate each other. My goal is to be able to let them all out at the same time.

I just have to share, I’m so proud of the kids! Last night I was cleaning in the living room with Sophie and Houdini out running. When I vacuumed in the bun room it got Becky and Gary all riled up, so they opened their gate and came out to attack the poop thief. I was so happy to see Becky attacking with her normal gusto! I’m probably the only one to praise their rabbit for going nuts on the vacuum. :P

 Then, even better, Gary and Becky decided to go out to the living room to check things out. I watched closely. When Gary went over to the little table Sophie and Houdini were lounging under I was right there and coached them. “Be nice, good bunny, Sophie nice, Gary nice”. And they were!


There was some sniffing, then Gary and Becky went back to their room. Sophie followed, but went to her room! I was so proud of them that everyone got treats!

It has been a long haul but I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Now lets hope it is not a train. :biggrin2:


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