Bunderground Railroad Transport

Published July 9, 2012 by minilophop

I know, I’m a sucker for a hard luck story. I just can’t help myself when an animal is in desperate need because humans are idiots and irresponsible. There were 11 rabbits in Florida that had a death date of today. I found out on Friday that the clock was ticking very quickly because the shelter didn’t have any room. I really didn’t want any more animals, but the tiny little faces!

It was so hard to narrow the choices, but we are taking in two:

The Dutch is a female about 1 yr old very sweet easy to pick up and loves to run around owner turned in moving. The Large black and white (black around eyes) super easy-going male is a big cuddle bug also turned in by owner due to moving he is 4 yrs old.

I named the female Bunnicula and the male Panda.

My wonderful friend Anne has agreed to take this pair:

Our bonded pair, Mojo(all brown) and Puma (white and brown) they are brothers 1yr 8mos turned in due to the owner having cancer.

Ok, cancer is a pretty good excuse to have to give up an animal. A rescue would have been preferable, but the person clearly has their hands full and was trying to do the right thing. Moving? That is a stupid reason! Would you consider leaving a child behind when you move? How about your TV? I hate ignorant people!

So, these poor rabbits are in Florida and I’m in Pennsylvania. It’s a wee bit of a problem. Luckily there are some wonderfully dedicated animal people out there that are willing to run the bundergound railroad transport. One person will go from Florida to Georgia, then another from Georgia to North Carolina. Then someone who is on business in North Carolina lives in Delaware, so I can get them there. They are also going to take one of the buns and one was rescued from another source.

This is the cutie the family in Delaware will be adopting, Pogo.

Out of the 11, 4 are going to die today without a miracle.

This little brown rabbit was dumped in the night box covered in bites. He’s now happy and healthy, but out of time. His name is Brownie.

These are the three amigos, brothers. Mini rex/Lionhead mixes. They are small bunnies with big hearts, but they are going to die because their owner was an irresponsible breeder. They ended up with too many animals and turned these into the shelter.

How can people be so heartless and cruel?  As humans, who domesticated these animals, we bear the responsibility to care for these tiny souls. They didn’t ask to be born. They can’t fend for themselves. How can a person look into their eyes and tell them they have to die because of someone else’s selfishness?

The more bunnies I meet, the less I like people.

UPDATE: Everyone has been saved!!! The three amigos have found a kind person who will take in all three. I will be fostering Brownie for about a month until his new mom is ready.

All of the transport drivers are in place and will be delivering the rabbits to their new homes starting next weekend. They are all getting spayed/neutered this week and preparing for travel. Thank you so very much to everyone involved in saving these wonderful rabbits! The generosity of strangers working together to save everyone has renewed my faith in people.


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