If a Shelter Bunny Could Talk

Published July 8, 2012 by minilophop

I found this on fosterbunnies.com  You might want a tissue.

If a Shelter Bunny Could Talk

Hello, I am a little bunny that is sitting in a shelter now and I don’t know what I did to end up here. Or maybe I do. I don’t want to give my real name as I am ashamed of my situation. Though it must be my own fault I guess. So call me Joe. Joe the bunny.

Me and my friends that sit here everyday want to share our stories so that other bunny rabbits out there know to be good so they don’t end up here with us. We sit in our little cages now and know our time is coming. You see we suffer from a terrible terminal illness. Its as deadly as cancer and sometimes even faster moving. Our terminal illness is called Unloved and Unwanted. I know I’m dying and I know its soon. There is only a very very small chance that someone will ever come to see me and want to take me home and save me from my terrible fate. But I stopped hoping for that a long time ago. Now I just sit quietly and wait… my suffering will end. One way or another.

Oh but if I ever get that chance I will know to be the bestest behaved bunny ever! I really will, I SWEAR I WILL! I know now that its my own fault I was brought here. I know now that I never should have gotten so excited about my food that I would accidentally bite my peoples hands. I know I was wrong. And it doesn’t matter that my people sometimes forgot to feed me for days. I should have behaved better. Maybe if I was a good bunny they would have fed me more often? It was my fault I know. And I really did try my best to ration my water and make it last until it was filled again sometime next week but I was sooo hungry I put whatever was available in my tummy. I was greedy and I’m so sorry for that. And it doesn’t matter if I was confused about where my litter box was because my whole cage was always dirty. I should have held it in and not gone to the bathroom in my cage. Maybe if I had done that they wouldn’t have been so disgusted by me and my house when they came to clean it once a month? I wish I had been better about that too. My own fault. And who was I to be upset about not ever coming out to play? Really I asked to much. I guess to need just a little exercise. After all my owner was only 8 yrs old and not her fault she didn’t want to let me out to play. Really, it was all my fault. I was selfish.

And though I pray someone will some day soon save me from my fate I don’t think anyone is coming for a badly behaved bunny like me. I’ll get what I deserve soon. The clock on the wall beside is always ticking at me. Tomorrow…. then next day…. soon, I know I’m dying.

So I can only hope to try to save other bunnies from my fate. I hope that all the bunnies in the land read my letter and remember “You are the bunny. You must behave right or else.” But alas I know most bunnies simply cant help themselves. We are just bunnies after all. So to the humans that may read my story I ask that if you ever should decide to come to our rescue we will ask for little but I guess more than we deserve…

We ask for just a small area to call our own. Look around you now. There may just be a corner you could squeeze a cage in. We don’t need a whole room or house, just a little room. And I know it may be a lot to ask but we do so love to stretch our legs. So maybe if you could find it in your heart to let us out to play for just a little bit everyday… It doesn’t have to be hours and hours. We’ve been in these little cages so long anything would be heaven. Some of us have never had play time. We ask if it isn’t too much trouble for just a little food everyday. We don’t eat much. And if you felt so inclined to let us try some hay that too would be heaven. I’ve heard talk of this “hay” thing but I’ve never tried it. It sounds delicious. And most of all, though we obviously don’t deserve it, or we wouldn’t be here … it would mean the world to little ones like us to know the feeling of a kind and gentle hand touching us. An affectionate head pat … a soft cheek rub and maybe, just maybe, a kind word or two. Maybe if we try really hard you may just some day say “I love you”… that would be heaven … and I would be good.


Rosalind Glousher
Rabbit Rescue Inc,
Ontario, Canada

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