Socks on Hocks

Published July 2, 2012 by minilophop

Ghirardelli has a new nickname, socks on hocks. The poor boy is struggling to hold on to his dignity. He has always had little bald spots on his heels from poor breeding. From running like a maniac on the carpet he irritated the spots and made them all red. I was concerned they might get infected so I started to research how to help. I put layers of blankets down in his room with soft fleece on top. He gets bag balm, an intense moisturizer to the spots daily to keep them soft and protected a bit. When they are red I put Neosporin and A&D cream on them then cover with socks. I use newborn baby socks and lightly hold in place with vet wrap. The key is to make sure it is not too tight and impeding circulation. At first he was not thrilled with the process, but he has learned that socks equal freedom and a cheerio, so he puts up with it. His feet have healed up so now he just has to wear his socks when he’s ripping around the house, usually with Andre.

Getting cream and socks on:


What have you done to my feet?

Time to RUN!!!!!

Now I’m used to my socks.


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