Good bye my sweet princess Cinderella

Published June 29, 2012 by minilophop

I have been avoiding this post, and by extension, my blog for a while now. Cinderella got sick in January. She started with head tilt and rolling. We did two weeks of injectable antibiotics, sub q fluids, probiotic, and lots of TLC. She recovered, but relapsed two weeks later. She started to have seizures that we could not bring under control. Her last day I held her all day, praying for the drugs to work. She only came out of it three times, each less than a minute. I had to make the horrible choice to let her go. Houdini was by her side the whole time and I held her as she slipped over the rainbow bridge. She now sits on the bookshelf in the bunroom.

Photos of her time with us and how far my little girl came, she was so chubby!


Bonding with Becky never really worked after we came home for HRS. So then we brought home Houdini, the love of her life.


Family photos:






The tortoise and the hare photo is one of my favorites.

    IMG_1096.jpg image by MiniLopHop   


My former Easter bunny’s last Easter photo shoot.



These are from Cinderella’s last week. If only I knew….


Binky free my baby girl. Indiana Bunns is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge to show you where the best nomms are. No more bunny weight watchers for you, eat all the carrots you want. Mommy and Houdini will always love and miss you.


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