Hungry Bunnies

Published January 11, 2012 by minilophop

I love food, I don’t think that is a secret to anyone who knows me. I always felt like I was an enthusiastic eater. At least until I welcomed rabbits into my home. All the animals get fed on a regular basis twice a day. They never go hungry in any way. You would never know that if you watched them eat.

Every morning as soon as the lights come on I have Gary nose bonking my ankles to hurry up and feed him! Becky dances in circles and can barely contain herself. Houdini and Cinderella charge their fence like they are going to nibble my toes off. Houdini will shove his head into the pellet dish so I have to pour food over his head.

Houdini is such a cute pellet head

Everyone LOVES their dinner greens!



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