Joshua Husband

Published January 6, 2012 by minilophop

Now it is Joshua’s turn. He will claim he’s lowest on the totem pole, under all the animals. Honestly it is just a matter of needing to get some photos from him to make the post more interesting. Afterall, who would believe me if I didn’t have a photo when I tell you he has 903 chess books? I know, crazy isn’t it?

At this point he is saying to himself; “but I got rid of four duplicates when I taught Sean”. Ok then, I lied. It’s only 899.

Joshua and I met my senior year of college. I was a biologist in Ohio, he was a historian in Nebraska. We met on ISCA BBS, which was a fore-runner of social networks that was used primarily by geeks. We met on-line when it was still weird so we were married several years before all of our family heard the real story. Basically we were chatting on-line to keep long distance phone charges to a minimum with our friends, which also is a thing of the past. I hated guys at the time because of a bad break up. Of course once you swear off men, that is when it happens. Joshua tried talking to me for a while, but I would only give one word answers. I didn’t want to be rude, but I was not interested. Then he asked about my research and the flood gates opened! As a spider researcher I didn’t get much call to chat about what I was learning. He even read my thesis, which was over 80 pages of web lengths and feeding regimes. I knew then he was something special. Later I found out he had to buy a biology dictionary to understand it. The sweetness of it still makes me want to kiss him.

Joshua is now a professional chess instructor. He teaches in area schools, runs tournaments, and has private students. He is obsessed with books. The 903 chess books are the tip of the iceberg. We have books stashed everywhere and his office is overflowing. He is slowly trying to find good homes for some of the less used ones, but it is hard for him to let go. Joshua is extremely tolerant of my idiosyncrasies and loves all the pets. Granted, I did have to get rid of my 6 foot iguana when we got engaged, so I know he has limits. Joshua has been the biggest blessing in my life and I love him so. The last 12 years together have been a roller coaster, but I know that I can face anything the future holds as long as he is by my side.

Here he is at 7 and then recently, oh so cute!


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