Ghirardelli Square Rabbit

Published January 5, 2012 by minilophop

Ghirardelli Square

  • Rabbit, Mini Rex
  • Castor
  • Male, Neutered
  • DOB 13-March-2011 Gotcha 05-September-2011
  • Likes- running, using mom and dad as speed bumps, and teasing the cats
  • Dislikes- slowing down for any reason and the fence keeping him in the room

Ghirardelli is as sweet as his name implies. I have learned that my going to a rabbit show is like an alcoholic going into a bar, no good can come of it. I was curious what a rabbit show was like, so I went with a friend. On our way out I noticed one breeder was selling rabbits for $40+ except for one. I thought it was curious that one bun was only $20 and remarked to my friend. The breeder said he had a DQ, so he was going to get “culled” if he didn’t sell at the show. He just wasn’t worth the feed to take him back to NY. OMG! She put him into my arms and I couldn’t let him get killed just because his coloring wasn’t what she wanted.

Becky had been depressed since the passing of Indy, so when I showed her Gary it was love at first sight. He’s a very kissy boy and grooms her frequently. He loves to run, run, run, all the time. Gary has encouraged Becky to become more active in exploring the room and getting into/onto/under everything. I love to pet his super soft fur as he uses me for a speed bump, even if he’s running over my head in the middle of the night.

Ghirardelli loves to tease the cats. He will rush up and nose-bonk, then run the other  way. Andre joins in the game and they chase each other all over. Victoria is offended by being run over while she’s trying to nap and will not come in the bedroom anymore. She will sit on the other side of the gate and occasionally paw at him when he bonks her through the bars. He’s a daredevil at heart. Gary likes to escape, run upstairs, and tease Houdini. I can just hear him say “you smell like a rabbit, but look like a muppet. What should I do with you?”


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