Barnum and Baily Gerbils

Published January 5, 2012 by minilophop

Barnum and Baily


  • Mongolian Gerbil
  • Male
  • DOB  2007  Gotcha 2007
  • Likes- Pumpkin seeds, making tunnels in bedding, chewing boxes
  • Dislikes- Bright light

Barnum and Baily came all the way from Maryland. They were to be snake food so I drove a long way to give them a pampered life.  At first they only had one wheel to share, but I quickly found that they would push each other out rather than take turns. While it was funny to watch I was too afraid they might get hurt, so they have two wheels. Barnum tends to use the one on the left and Baily likes to run on the right. They efficiently recycle any boxes from the kitchen and enjoy making little paths through the bedding. Hay and sticks are also appreciated. The boys are so cute playing together and sleeping together.

On Thanksgiving 2011 Baily got too fat for his climbing toy. Luckily I was reading next to their house when he got stuck, Pooh Bear style. They both know their names and will come when called, probably because they usually get a pumpkin seed. I’m thinking it is connected with the gain of chub, but they are happy.


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