Indiana Bunns Rabbit (RIP)

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Indiana Bunns

  • Rabbit, mini lop
  • Black and white
  • DOB ~2006 Gotcha August 2011 Passed October 2011
  • Likes Food, sleeping in the litter box, sniffing around
  • Dislikes Mean people and getting medicine

Indiana Bunns was the bravest little rabbit I have ever met. He was horribly neglected until he found his way to Luv-N-Bunns. I fell in love with him on Petfinder as a mate for Becky. They were both special so they would go well together. They were such a sweet pair helping each other enjoy life more. Indy was terribly sick, infection took his hearing and his left eye. He was on antibiotics for months. I started to inquire after him in February, before we got Cinderella. We finally thought in August he was healthy enough to come to his furever home. Indiana Bunns got his name because he had to have a new one since his old family treated him so badly. He was very adventurous, sniffling around any room to check it all out. Plus where his missing eye was the fur was black, so it looked like he was wearing an eye patch, just like Dr Jones in the last movie.

Indy fit in right away and Becky adored him. He had some issues with wanting to lay in his own urine because of years of being confined in a dirty cage left him needing the smell for comfort. Every night I would wipe him off and bathe him once a week to make sure he didn’t get urine scald. After his bath I would put his little jammies on to keep him warm. Rabbit fur stays wet for a very long time and they can get chilled easily, particularly in his weaker condition. Indy, Becky, and I would snuggle under and blanket and watch a movie until he finished drying. Some times he would fall asleep in the crook of my arm. Resting after his first bath he even gave me a kiss. It took a very long time, but he finally learned to trust and started to use the litter box.

Unfortunately one evening I came home and he had not eaten that day. The spot where his eye was looked infected again. We took him to the vet for emergency surgery to try to remove the abscess that had returned. Indy gave me one more kiss shortly before he went under, I stayed with him the whole time. Unfortunately he did not survive the procedure. He is missed very much.


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