Houdini Muppet Rabbit

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Houdini Muppet

  • Rabbit, English Angora
  • Cream
  • Male, Neutered
  • DOB July 2010 Gotcha 3-May-2011
  • Likes- Getting into trouble and out of his room
  • Dislikes- being brushed

Houdini’s mom came from a hoarding case in Canada. My local rabbit rescue, Luv-N-Bunns took two females that were pregnant. Houdini was born at the rescue so he was very well soclialised and he has quite the adventurous spirit. I brought Becky and Cindy for dates in hopes that a third would calm their battles. Houdini fell in love instantly as did Cindi. Becky was clearly the third wheel, but when two were so happy I figured we could think of something for Becky.

Houdini lives up to his name. He and his bunwife live in my office. They have half a room to roam as they will, but they need supervision to roam the house. Houdini has quite the liking for cords, which we discovered the hard way because neither girl worked that hard to get at them if they were put up. It took several months and MANY iterations of NIC panels to keep him in the room when unsupervised.

Houdini likes to watch tv on the arm of the chair next to a person, but is not a lap bun. I think with all that fluff he over heats very quickly. He doesn’t like to be brushed, but tolerates it well. He is a unique looking rabbit, but so very soft and sweet. I am trying to get his wool spun so I can have an original Houdini scarf.


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