Cinderella Lu Rabbit (RIP)

Published January 4, 2012 by minilophop

Cinderella Lu

  • Rabbit, Mini Satin
  • Pointed
  • Female, Spayed
  • DOB ~ 2006 Gotcha 14-Feb-2011
  • Likes- snuggles with mom, redecorating with cardboard and following Houdini into trouble
  • Dislikes- noise and diets

Cindi Lu Who is a sweet, shy little girl. After I got Becky I wanted to get her a friend. So, we went to our local chapter of the House Rabbit Society to find a friend. We tried a couple of boys but Becky didn’t seem to care one way or the other. So we tried Cinderella. Cindi wanted a friend in the worst way! She had started out as an Easter bunny, but had been at the shelter for 4 years because the kid got tired of her! Being a more shy bunny she had a hard time finding her furever home. Bonding did not go well between the two girls after we got home because they both wanted to be the boss.

Cinderella is our diet inspiration. She was 7 pounds when she came home! She was slow and unable to keep herself properly clean. Lots of running around and a healthy diet has helped her shed excess weight. She’s now 5.5 pounds. She has a little chub left to go, but she is feeling so much better!

Now Cindi is married to Houdini and they are such a cute couple. He’s so bold and loves to explore. She will hop one step behind him to check things out. As long as he’s ok then she’s ok. She likes to watch romantic comedies with me and gives little kisses. She tends to just freeze if anyone else holds her, but she’s getting a little more comfortable. I saw her binky for the first time last week. I think she finally figured out she is home for good.


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