Victoria Elizabeth Cat

Published January 3, 2012 by minilophop

Victoria Elizabeth

  • Cat, DSH
  • Trtoiseshell
  • Female, Spayed
  • DOB ~ 2000 Gotcha 16-September-2003
  • Likes- naps, licking plastic, and mushy food
  • Dislikes- being disturbed while napping and dogs

Victoria came to us through a cat rescue organization that posted on petfinder. She had come into the Philadelphia shelter sick with kittens. Unfortunately all the kittens died, but they were able to save Victoria.  She had been a stray the first threeish years of her life so she has a few quirks. She loves to lick plastic such as trash bags or grocery bags. She will eat tinsel. Victoria hates dogs more than I have ever seen in a cat. When we first moved to Paoli she would flinch every time the neighbor’s dog barked, so I’m guessing she had a bad run in with a dog at some point.

Victoria started off rather aloof, and did her own thing. We were told not to expect her to play or like us much. We just wanted a companion for Elvis because he had just lost Duncan and needed another cat. We brought her home and the two of them hit it off right away. Elvis was lonely and Victoria was scared so they quickly settled in. Victoria started to play and become more friendly. Even though she is getting a bit older now she still romps every night and likes to sleep on my feet. She likes people, just on her terms.


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