Andre Pascal Cat

Published January 3, 2012 by minilophop

Andre Pascal

  • Cat, Turkish Angora
  • White
  • Male, Neutered
  • DOB 2008
  • Likes- dare-devil, people, and pretending to be a rabbit
  • Dislikes- getting his face cleaned

I had a dream one night of a white fluffy cat that had been abandoned because it was imperfect. It cried and cried just wanting to be loved. I woke up and knew there was a cat in need. I called around looking for the little white fluff ball. As it turns out, the kitten rescue group that was less than a mile away had the perfect little guy. He was 7 weeks old and had been tossed by his breeder because of a heart murmur. After we brought him home his fondness of marshmallows earned him the same middle name as his predecessor, who also loved marshmallows. We would have to occasionally curb his enthusiasm during play when he began to pant, but now he knows how to do that himself.

Andre is a happy, healthy boy who has the grace of a ballerina, always in the highest spot in the room. He loves to lick his people and rabbits. He is such a snuggly and sweet cat that he quickly converts sceptics over to the cat side.


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